Our Services

Web Development

We make functional, standard and beautiful websites for individuals and businesses including (but not limited to) tertiary institutions, secondary schools, real estate firms, law firms etc.

Mobile Application Development

We also develop mobile applications for all sorts of businesses and individuals including radio and television stations, churches, supermarkets etc.

Online Radio

Online radio is a digital audio service transmitted over the internet, this is integral for modern radio stations, universities, churches etc.

Online Television

Very similar to online radio, every 21st century television station should have an online platform that can reach anyone anywhere in the world with internet connetivity

CCTV Installation

CCTV provides security for your home, business, workplace, church etc. You can have eyes everywhere with our top notch CCTV installation services

Data Analysis

Do you need to analyse large amount of data for your research or other work? Davakconsult offers excellent professional analysis

Computer Aided Designs

Do you need industrial design or 3-D modelling? Davakconsult offers superb designs that will suit your taste


Need an e-commerce website for your business, we develop e-commerce websites and applications that are easy to use and customer friendly

Need any of our services?